Emmerdale Mackenzie Boyd’s life – Billie Piper link, girlfriend and vocal talent

In October 2020, Mackenzie Boyd first stumbled into the Dales, and ever since, he has been amusing Emmerdale audiences with his shenanigans.

Fans of the popular ITV soap opera admire the Lawrence Robb-played character, who has gained a lot of traction.

Actor Lawrence is much-liked off-screen as well; he currently has over 26,000 Instagram followers.

Fans are familiar with every detail of Mackenzie’s life, but little is known about the Scottish actor.

We take a peek behind the scenes at Lawrence’s life outside of his busy schedule working on the Emmerdale production.

Lawrence shared the screen with Billie Piper

Although Lawrence has been working on his acting for some time, his big break on the small screen came in 2020.

He was cast that year alongside Billie Piper in the television series I Hate Suzie.

In the dark comedy-drama, the actor portrayed a man named Matt opposite Doctor Who’s Billie who played a former adolescent pop star and actress.

His famous partner

Lawrence doesn’t disclose much about his personal life, but it is rumored that he is dating Glaswegian actress Joanne Thomson, whose filmography includes the movies Outlander, In Plain Sight, and The Victim.

On Instagram, both celebrities have posted pictures of one another, including adorable ones of them cuddling on the beach, going sailing in Croatia, and spending the day at Disneyland.

Numerous followers commented on what a cute couple the TV stars are.

One follower remarked, “You two make such a beautiful couple, and on top of that, you two look so happy together. That’s the stuff.”

Another person remarked, “You both have sickeningly good genetics,” while a fan called the two “beauties.”

Another teasingly said, “Stop being so cute.”

Talented singer

Lawrence is a talented singer in addition to being an actor.

It appears that the celebrity once studied musical theater.

And he displayed his commanding vocals in a scene from the soap opera last year when he began singing Valerie by The Zuton.

Fans adored seeing the celebrity from a different perspective.

A user tweeted: “Could there please be more Mackenzie singing scenes? He is endowed with a respectable set of pipes.”

Who knew, Mackenzie actually has a good singing voice, someone else remarked.

Additionally, Lawrence has posted videos of himself singing to Instagram.

Following the star’s posting of a video of him singing Stand By Me, one fan exclaimed, “Oh my you’re very talented in music.”

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