Emmerdale love triangle twist as mysterious new villager’s secret is exposed

As Gabby and Laurel, Gabby’s stepmother, learn they have been seeing the same man, Emmerdale is in for a shocking love triangle twist.

It’s going to be weird, I guess!

Although Gabby has given online dating her best shot, she hasn’t had much luck. When she’s about to give up, an appealing man named “Chris” appears, and it turns out that her mystery date will be Kit, a recognizable face.

The following day, just as an unobservant Kit is about to descend the stairs, Laurel enters Home Farm and rushes Gabby out the door, leaving her with a scarlet face.

Later on in the week, when Laurel recommends a double date with their new partners, Kit realizes his deception has been exposed.

He coaxes Laurel into thinking he’s preparing a supper, and then sneakily apologizes to Gabby for being late.

Kit considers his options when Laurel makes a pass at him and offers he spend the night.

When a message from Kit arrives, Gabby is delighted and instantly responds.

At Home Farm, the two share a lunch together. Kit is stuffed from her supper and is brimming with conversation.

But as they kiss passionately, Gabby drags him upstairs, and Laurel enters…

Will she say anything?

It happens after executive producer Jane Hudson of the ITV serial promised impending big scenes as it approached its 50th anniversary on television.

The soap’s executive producer looked back on the past 50 years of the program while anticipating “epic antics” that will take place in October.

When discussing the significant accomplishment and what lay ahead, Jane said: “It is an honor to serve as the executive producer of Emmerdale at such an exciting time as it celebrates 50 years.

“Emmerdale has enthralled its viewers for five decades with amazing plotlines and enduring characters.

We want to make sure that our 50th birthday month is a treat for all of our devoted viewers and keeps them glued to the screen as the storylines develop.

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