Emmerdale Liv Dingle star shares exciting career update after tragic soap exit

Isobel Steele has shared what she is doing now that she has left Emmerdale and whether she plans to return to soap operas in the future.

Isobel’s character Liv Dingle, who was killed off in heartbreaking moments to commemorate the ITV show’s 50th anniversary, was crushed by a caravan as her loved ones gathered around her and bid her farewell.

The heartfelt moments that resulted in Isobel’s departure from the ITV serial had many in tears. She has now talked about her future plans and whether or not she will ever return to a competing serial drama.

Isobel is now developing her own songs and attending numerous casting calls.

She responded to a question about how she felt about her character being killed off by saying, “I don’t think it makes too much difference, to be honest. I decided I wanted to leave the show and I’ve left the show, and that’s all I need to worry about. I wanted to leave to do other things, and that’s what’s happened.

“Whether or not I can go back is something I wouldn’t have considered, so in the present, it hasn’t been impacted by that choice, so I’m content any way. It was enjoyable to perform emotional scenes at the conclusion and to put my all into them.

She acknowledges that filming the final scenes was difficult, but she appreciated being around some of her closest coworkers.

“It was definitely a full circle, and we couldn’t believe that this would be my last visit. We film so frequently and quickly that you just grow used to being there constantly; you start to think, “I’m never going to leave here,” Isobel said.

“It had everything—emotional, humorous, made me laugh out loud. Having sequences with Danny Miller, Brad Johnson, Lisa Riley, and other folks I’ve worked closely with in recent years was extremely lovely.

With the release of her new single on April 14th, Isobel is now concentrating on her passion for music.

She previously acknowledged that the plot that caused her to leave the serial caught her off guard: “I originally notified the producers I wanted to depart in September 2021. I was conflicted when they called me in April to inform me that Liv might perish in a storm. I was thrilled to be a part of the 50th anniversary celebrations with a significant plot, but I was also aware that it meant I would never return.

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