Emmerdale: Liv dies before Aaron can make his peace?

In tonight’s episode (Monday, October 3), Aaron went back to Emmerdale to make amends with his sister Liv.

However, Liv was found comatose at Mill Cottage following a battle with Terry.

Despite being transferred to the hospital, Liv is still unconscious. How will she fare?

Emmerdale: Terry attacked Liv as Aaron returned

Terry was waiting for Liv when she got home from work in tonight’s soap opera.

He compelled her to recant her Sandra police testimony.

But when she resisted, he started to hurt her. Despite her call to the emergency services, Terry accidentally knocked Liv out.

Aaron discovered his sister lying on the floor as he entered the room to depart.

Aaron attacked Terry, but soon after that, policewoman Harriet entered, announcing that there had been a call from the address.

Liv was brought to the hospital as Aaron was detained.

When the police finally released Aaron, he went to visit Liv at the hospital, where she was using a ventilator.

Vinny, Liv’s husband, did not greet him with open arms when he arrived.

Vinny yelled at him to leave since he deserted her just as she needed him.

Aaron regretted coming back and thought he wouldn’t have the chance to reconcile with his sister.

Will Liv pass away?

Is Liv going to die?

It has been rumored that Isobel Steele, who plays Liv on the soap opera, has left the show and that her character would be killed off, though this has not been confirmed.

Isobel reportedly wants to concentrate on her musical career.

She feels like she has accomplished everything at Emmerdale, and she wants to concentrate on and succeed in her music career, a source told The Sun.

For the 50th anniversary month, the bosses “have pulled out all the stops, and Isobel’s exit will be no different.”

The source continued, “As it all unfolds and Liv is eliminated, viewers will be on the tip of their seats. Fans will remember this death for a very long time because it is such a heartbreaker.

Isobel previously disclosed that she was filming storm scenes for Emmerdale’s forthcoming 50th anniversary, so it appears like Liv will survive this week.

How will Liv fare?

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