Emmerdale: Liv catches Sandra out and fans are all saying the same thing

The Thursday, September 29 episode of Emmerdale received praise from viewers when Liv discovered her mother Sandra trying to steal her money.

Sandra has been attempting to separate Liv and Vinny for months while residing with them in order to obtain her daughter’s money.

Fans were ecstatic when Liv tricked her mother and discovered her trying to steal her money.

Emmerdale: Sandra and Liv

Sandra returned to Emmerdale a few months earlier and told Liv that she wanted to give up drinking.

Vinny, Liv’s husband, was concerned about having Sandra live with them because Liv is sober from alcohol.

Liv was yet resolved to support her mother.

Soon after learning that Sandra owed Terry money, Liv made the decision to assist Sandra.

However, it was made clear to the audience that Sandra and Terry were conspiring to take Liv’s money.

Sandra has been attempting to separate Liv and Vinny for the past few weeks in order to resume drinking.

Sandra attempted to dissuade Vinny from traveling with the two of them as they ultimately traveled to Spain together.

Vinny was astonished to learn that the house had been listed for sale when Liv and Sandra came home this week.

Liv and Vinny got into a fight over it, but Mandy thought Sandra was the one stirring up trouble.

She and Vinny planned to expose Sandra’s lies, but when Sandra learned what they were up to, she informed Liv.

Liv broke up with Vinny and appeared to support her mother.

Fans applaud ‘fantastic’ episode as Liv catches Sandra out

Liv was distraught about her split on last night’s show, and Sandra illustrated how challenging it was to abstain from drinking.

Later, Liv showed up at the house acting inebriated and informed Sandra of her expanding bank account.

After hearing this, Sandra attempted to increase Liv’s fluid intake, and when Liv appeared to be dozing off, Sandra attempted to log into Liv’s account.

But when Liv awoke, she informed her mother that she hadn’t drank and that she was only checking to see if she was going to take from her.

After Liv reported her mother to the police, she was ultimately taken into custody.

The episode received rave reviews from fans who thought it was excellent.

Are you glad Sandra was found out?

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