Emmerdale Liv and Vinny split fears as ’embarrassing’ mum Sandra returns to village

After Liv Dingle’s mother Sandra visited the Dales on Friday (July 8), Emmerdale viewers were in a very speculating mood, but some think it might spell the end for Liv and Vinny’s union.

a terrible Unexpectedly, Sandra showed up and informed Liv that she needed a place to stay and assistance with her alcohol problem.

Liv and Vinny were reluctant to give Sandra another chance because of the suffering she had previously caused the young couple.

It didn’t help matters when she later appeared intoxicated and unruly at the cemetery.

By the end of the well-known ITV soap opera, however, Liv had changed her mind and persuaded her mother that she may stay in her and Vinny’s house.

But as the plot developed, viewers began to question whether it was a wise decision.

One user posted the following on Twitter: “Liv and Vinny ought to be concentrating on their future family and other matters. Sandra might cause a significant delay in that.”

Added another: “Again, here we are. Another pathetic tale to devastate someone’s life. Keep Vinny and Liv to yourself “.

A third was furious: “If #Emmerdale separated Liv and Vinny, I vow! I’m going to yell! Just let them be!”

When Liv stated it was okay to stay toward the end of the show, Sandra appeared to be up to mischief.

As soon as she was given the all-clear to move in, she dialed a mysterious number.

She didn’t realize it, but Vinny heard the last few words of her chat.

Vinny appeared to be less convinced as she pretended to be speaking to a “old acquaintance” on the phone.

Home viewers saw the strangeness of the situation and speculated that Sandra might be attempting to defraud the young couple of their money.

Someone who joined Twitter wrote: “Sandra is wants money, as I knew from her strategically timed “drunk” stumble that Liv and Gabi could see. I’m hoping Liv realizes her mother is taking advantage of her right away.”

Another person continued, “Sandra is going to con life.”

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