Emmerdale Leyla ‘set for prison’ as fans of ITV soap predict devastating drugs twist

Emmerdale viewers are worried about Leyla Cavanagh because they think she might have to spend some time in jail.

In the most recent episode of the well-known ITV soap opera, Leyla accepted a bag full of cocaine from dealer Callum.

Leyla was offered remuneration for the service, but she hesitated to accept it because of her fear.

Leyla chose to conceal the narcotics despite her concerns, but some believe that she may soon find herself behind bars for her outrageous decision.

One fan predicted on Twitter that Leyla would be found with the drugs she was planning to conceal for her dealer and would spend a significant amount of time in jail, likely sharing a cell with Meena.

Another person said: “Leyla might be in trouble for a while if she’s found with that bag of coke.”

Another person chimed in: “Callum has agreed to let Leyla handle the drug storage. There will be a bad outcome to this.”

Leyla chose to keep the bag in Take A Vow after deciding to keep Callum’s hoard.

However, a cunning Matty Barton who is out to get Suzy Merton proceeded to snoop around the wedding industry and discovered Callum’s drug stockpile.

Matty was taken aback and chose to take a few of the pills out of the bag, but he ultimately left the venue with the entire stockpile.

As things heated up, fans also voiced their opinions about this.

Someone wrote: “What the hell are you doing, Matty? However, it does Leyla proper that you put workplace keys in an outdoor planter when you are in charge of managing medications that are not yours. Duh.”

“What a shame PC Swirling wasn’t passing by take a vow as Misery Matty was departing with the bag of smack,” another person commented.

“If Matty is found with that bag of cocaine then serves him right for leaping to conclusions and not getting his facts straight,” wrote a third.

A fourth person said: “Matty the huge man is going to make so much difficulty due to his stupidity, yeah he cared so much about Hollie he didn’t see her for years.”

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