Emmerdale legend Jeff Hordley on why he loves being a Dingle and what makes the family so special

Jeff Hordley has shared his thoughts on what makes being a member of the illustrious Dingle clan in Emmerdale so unique.

As part of the preparations for Emmerdale’s significant 50th anniversary festivities, which will feature major storylines running throughout October, acting star Jeff Hordley has reflected on his time on the soap. The 52-year-old Jeff Hordley, who made his debut in Emmerdale in 2000, continues to be well-liked by viewers.

Jeff took a three-year break from performing as Cain Dingle in 2006. He has gained a reputation as a pillar of the venerable program since his comeback.

In response to a question on why Jeff enjoys being a Dingle, he said: “Each member of the family makes for a rounded, hilarious, and clever character, but each actor is also a lot of fun in their own right, and we all laugh on set. We all get a little excited when there are moments involving the Dingle family, so they have to tone us down a little on set.

“The chaotic breakfast events at the Dingles are among of my earliest memories.

With Cain being the character that he is, he wolfs down food, so if you’re doing six takes I end up eating so much. There was so much toast, sausages, and bacon that I’m sure I put on a stone in my first six months at Emmerdale.

“I do recall one scene with Jim and Lisa Riley, who is extremely cheeky and humorous. Right before we are about to start, Lisa reaches over to Jim and smears a generous amount of tomato sauce on his face. Then they cry “action,” and the scene ends. They just jumped right in, and I was like, “What the heck is going on?” I believe that the chaos and good times we were having previously were reflected in the setting. Good times.

Jeff, who is wed to co-star Zoe Henry, still vividly remembers his first Emmerdale. He recalled thinking, “Oh my God, I’m going to be one of the Dingles” because the Dingles were such a well-known family while driving on the M62 from Manchester, where he was living at the time.

“There were so many different Dingles, including Zak, Sam, Butch, Mandy, Lisa, and Marlon, and I believed I was going to be a part of this family. This is strange.

I distinctly recall approaching the village and traveling down the road, marveling at the birds, deer, and other creatures along the way because I’m a bit of a nature geek.

Jeff has always been a great supporter of Emmerdale’s setting, and he holds a special place in his heart for rural Yorkshire. Jeff, a Manchester resident, has described himself as a “adopted Yorkshireman” in the past.

The Cain Dingle actor concluded by saying, “I have fantastic fun with the individuals I work with in front of the camera. I love the crew and I love the folks that work in the building.

I have some pretty close friends here, and I’ll be friends with them forever. I’ve fallen in love with the scenery, the Yorkshire Dales, and Yorkshire itself, and it’s what keeps me loving this show and making me happy.

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