Emmerdale legend Frazer Hines on his favourite storyline and most misunderstood character

Frazer Hines, who played the venerable Joe Sugden in Emmerdale, has identified the current villager he thinks is a little misunderstood.

In advance of the soap opera’s 50th anniversary, Frazer Hines, 78, has examined the legacy of the show. When the soap opera initially debuted in 1972, Frazer was one of its most beloved stars.

He left in 1994, and he later appeared in Doctor Who as Jamie McCrimmon. The BBC sci-fi programme included him in 117 episodes, more than any other companion.

Frazer continues to watch Emmerdale religiously, and one recent situation in particular has caught his attention. “Oh absolutely, I still watch it now,” the Emmerdale legend admitted. The Meena story was amazing. Paige (Sandhu) was really fantastic.

One of the current generation of celebrities, in Frazer’s opinion, stands out because the character is a little misunderstood. I enjoy Cain Dingle and Jeff Hordley, Frazer said.

“I believe he has a glint in his eye. He’s not as tough as he seems to me. As we recently witnessed during mother Faith Dingle’s tragic cancer battle, there is undoubtedly some truth to Cain Dingle’s claim that he will mature.

Emmerdale will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a dramatic special episode on Sunday, October 16. Expect movie-level stunts in the horrifying sequences, which are scheduled to run on ITV at 7 p.m. in an hour-long episode.

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