Emmerdale legend Dominic Brunt pays tribute to Frank Tate actor Norman Bowler

Norman Bowler, who played Frank Tate, has received praise from Emmerdale icon Dominic Brunt.

For more than 25 years, Dominic Brunt, 52, who plays Paddy Dingle, has been a favorite of Emmerdale viewers. However, according to The Express, if Norman Bowler hadn’t been there, that might not have been the case.

“I came for eight episodes,” Dominic remarked. “On the last day, Frank Tate’s former actor Norman Bowler asked, ‘Have you enjoyed yourself?'” I expressed to him my affection and wish I could stay a little longer.

He instructed me to go upstairs, knock on the producer’s door, and say that specifically. Having doubts about the effectiveness of this strategy, Dominic summoned the guts to approach the soap opera executives.

“I was really nervous, I didn’t think it was my place,” Dominic continued. Still, I did it. And after four months, they reinstated me.

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale are aware that Frank Tate has recently returned to the show following a significant reveal. Due in large part to his turbulent marriage to wife Kim Tate, the character passed away in 1997.

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