Emmerdale Kit ‘rumbled’– village’s next serial killer, Rhona fling and affair exposed

Since beginning her work as a physiotherapist in Emmerdale earlier this year, Kit has created quite a stir.

His activities have caused people to discuss the mysterious newcomer on social media, from their connection with Rhona Goskirk to a relationship with Laurel and stepdaughter Gabby.

Kit’s identity is unknown, but admirers have various suspicions.

While some believe he is only there to serve as a plot device for an affair, others believe he may be hiding more than meets the eye, such as a paternity conundrum or the potential to become the next serial murderer in the Dales.

The Daily Star examines Kit-related fan theories in this article.

Rhona fling

Following Marlon Dingle’s stroke earlier this year, Kit was first introduced as the character’s physical therapist.

Fans have noticed that Kit and Rhona have had some chemistry in recent episodes, though.

Rhona attempted to apologize to Kit after Marlon threw him out of the house, but viewers suspected that something more was developing between the two.

“I really hope this Kit doesn’t fall for Rhona,” one supporter said.

How long before Rhona hooks up with Marlon’s physiotherapist, inquired the second.

Another person said, “Rhona and Kit, sitting under a tree, kissing,” and a fourth person asked, “How long before Rhona sleeps with the physio?”

Affair exposed

Before Kit decided to cheat on Laurel with her stepdaughter Gabby, fans in Emmerdale were thrilled by Kit and Laurel’s recent romance.

Viewers were appalled by the action, and supporters hoped that the incident would soon come to light.

One supporter stated, “I’m going to kit bed Gabby, just like I did with Laurel. I can’t wait for it all to come out now.”

“Kit, you filthy rat you. When Laurel learns, she’ll yell at you “said another.

A third person said: “Kit is playing a very hazardous game by two-timing Laurel and Gabby. I hope Kit gets discovered out soon.” A fourth person added: “Hope Kit gets caught out shortly.”

Some viewers, however, believe that the plot will continue beyond the soap opera’s 50th anniversary and that the reappearance of a beloved character will reveal the truth at that point.

Tweeted one viewer “Additionally, what mysteriously prompts Diane [Sugden] to return? exposure toolkit”

Multiple flings and Amelia paternity revelation

Fans have shown their support for Kit’s many relationships on social media when he started a risky relationship with both Laurel and Kit.

What the hell, Kit is keeping himself occupied by making his way across the village, one person remarked.

Another person speculated about the identity of his next affair, saying, “I have a feeling that Bernice is going to make a play for Kit.”

Meanwhile, some viewers believe that Kit is truly the father of Amelia’s child and that the truth about the baby’s paternity will eventually come to light.

Another person chimed in, “Kit for the dad of Amelia’s kid,” and “My money is on Kit being the father of Amelia’s baby.”

Serial killer

Lydia Dingle’s recent comparison of Kit’s physical attributes to serial killer Ted Bundy shocked many.

After Meena Jutla was sentenced earlier this year, some viewers believe that this could have been a hint that Kit might be the village’s next murderer.

A viewer stated: “Kit, will you become a serial killer? Why were they bringing up Ted Bundy? To be honest, I don’t believe this soap opera is free of serial killers.”

“Kit’s going to be a wrong ‘un, isn’t he?” said a second. A third person remarked, “Kit came in soon after the serial murderer line — it is clearly not a coincidence.”

One fan tweeted: “Me if the gorgeous Kit turns out to be the next Emmerdale villain,” after posting a picture of a startled-looking Kim Tate.

Marlon Dingle’s future was also a concern for another viewer, who may have implied that Marlon would end up being Kit’s first victim.

It was said: “I feel uneasy about Kit and don’t have the slightest faith in him. He is far too kind for my tastes. Why do I have a hunch that he’ll get aggressive toward Marlon and begin striking or otherwise mistreating him?”

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