Emmerdale kicks off Cain Dingle’s mysterious new storyline

The enigmatic new storyline for Cain Dingle in Emmerdale has begun.

After recently making amends once more, Cain and brother Caleb have something shady planned. When Cain discovered Caleb was attempting to seize Home Farm from Kim Tate, the brothers first fought.

Later, Caleb made an effort to make amends with Cain by surreptitiously directing customers to the garage through his vehicle service. However, this caused both of them to become involved with a local criminal lord.

Now, Cain has planned a vacation that he wants Caleb to join him on, albeit the specifics of his motivations are still unknown.

When Chas noticed her brother crouched in the pub’s corner, talking on the phone, in the episode that aired on Tuesday, September 12, she knew Cain was up to no good. As soon as she was out of sight, Cain softly informed Caleb that they would have to depart the following day and that he would have to make up a reason for being away from the area.

Caleb assured him, “I can do that.”

In order to aid with a new contract, Cain advised Caleb to explain to Moira that his unexpected travel was related to it.

Caleb complained, “Too many noisy people and this goes nowhere, none of it,” when he noticed Chas observing him from the bar. Otherwise, everything collapses.

Chas stopped her brother as he attempted to exit the Woolpack and let him know she was watching him.

Keep our brother out of whatever you’re doing, she commanded.

Will Cain heed the advice of Chas? And what precisely is he doing?

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