Emmerdale jail fears for Sam after horror Eric accident

Sam Dingle of Emmerdale is concerned for his future after a tragic incident involving Eric Pollard occurs next week.

With the Dingle family experiencing anxiety over how to pay their heating bills, the long-running drama is examining the cost-of-living dilemma.

The Dingles will begin stealthily stealing oil from Eric’s oil tank in upcoming episodes so they can fill their own tank.

The family’s problems worsen the next week as Sam frets about how to continue helping with Esther, his infant granddaughterupbringing. ,’s

Sam advises that Cain raise the pay of Dan Spencer, Esther’s other grandfather, to help with the child.

Grumpy Sam declines, and Cain advises that if he wants to solve his difficulties, he should think like a true Dingle. Sam is motivated by Cain’s advice to think creatively beyond the box.

Soon after, Sam goes after Eric once more, this time at a nearby store.

Sam makes an effort to divert Eric as he grabs some baby supplies for Esther. Due to his shady behavior, Eric becomes concerned and confronts him.

Eric follows Sam down Main Street after she exits the scene. As a result of the encounter, Eric trips and suffers a head injury.

Sam sees the collision and worries about the worst as she notices Eric lying unconscious on the ground.

In the aftermath, Sam worries that his tragic series of events may land him in jail.

As they attempt to formulate a strategy, Lydia offers some guidance, but will it be sufficient? Will Eric be alright, too?

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