Emmerdale insider breaks silence on Paddy Dingle’s future following Dominic Brunt’s axe fears

After the admission by actor Dominic Brunt that he dreaded being fired from Emmerdale, an insider has hinted at what Paddy Dingle’s future may hold.

Paddy Dingle, played by Dominic Brunt, has had a very difficult time lately because of the dissolution of his marriage and the decline in his mental health. Fans of Emmerdale are aware that Paddy recently had a romantic moment with his estranged wife Chas Dingle, which only makes matters worse.

Yet, according to Inside Soap, Paddy is still adamant that the couple should file for divorce. Paddy is finding their current dynamic in the Emmerdale soap opera “all too difficult.”

“Paddy was in full turmoil after last week’s little act of tenderness with Chas.

After everything they’ve been through together, he wants to be present for Eve and will always harbor affections for Chas.

But in the end, she injured him too much for him to even consider forgiving her. Paddy is aware that leaving together is the only way forward.

It appears that Paddy’s life is about to undergo a significant upheaval. Dominic, an actor, has garnered a lot of accolades for his performance.

Despite this, we’ve recently reported that the 52-year-old still occasionally worries about his future in Emmerdale. He has been a longtime favorite of the audience.

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