Emmerdale in hot water as viewers say ‘as if’ to Craig’s next move

After broadcasting one of its darkest storylines, Emmerdale is in hot water. Viewers claim to have made nefarious connections. Because Lydia was raped, Craig will use her as leverage for blackmail. Birmingham Live says that viewers of the ITV soap opera were horrified by the horrible scenes that depicted Lydia being raped by Craig.

Fans are all making predictions about what will happen next, but other fans are telling the writers that their theories are “far-fetched” and to use the phrase “as if.” Yvonne tweeted: “Craig is going to extort Lydia with Samson can see it coming.” Craig “is going to blackmail Lydia, isn’t he,” Angie said.

Such a fantastical plot line now, involving Lydia, Carolyn observed. As if she would approach Craig, the villain. Samson should have traveled there on his own, but like his obnoxious father, he is lazy.

Lydia was horrified after the incident, but her assailant drove her home by acting as though nothing had occurred. When she got home, she cut off communication with her family and took a shower to wipe away any evidence she might need to use to hold Craig accountable for what he had done.

However, she did pack away the clothing she was wearing, giving her supporters optimism that she might call the police. However, she ultimately burned the clothes in heartbreaking scenes as she struggled with what to do.

Then, on Thursday evening’s (8 September) excursion to the Dales, Lydia was observed returning to work for Craig as a result of him having given her stepson Samson work experience.

On Thursday’s episode of the soap opera, Samson Dingle was getting ready for his first day of employment at Craig’s tech company. Roberto tweeted: “Samson is concerned about Lydia hooking up with Craig…Samson always seems untidy. “Lydia would want herself and her family as far away from vile Craig as possible,” Kaz added.

According to a representative, “Lydia should tell Mandy about Craig, there would be nothing left of him after Mandy had laid into him.” Jamal advised Lydia, “You go, draw it out a little further. Let the entire Dingle Clan begin to love Craig and make him feel at home. However, if you become pregnant, this might become even more bizarre.

Craig “absolutely” sends shivers down Tiffany’s spine. Lydia, please hold on for me. Anything, love, shout with all your might. Visit a physician. Anything. Keep in mind you stated, “No, sweetheart.” It’s causing me to cry. Craig is such a weirdo, but the actor is doing such a great job at it, not to mention how amazing Karen (Lydia) has been so far, according to Emmerdale Today.

Craig is a total ***hole, so Lydia should murder him and possibly get away with it, Michael Marshall remarked. Naturally, Matthew said, “Without Lydia calling the police as she ought to have done the other night, this is going to drag on with creepy Craig. Gotta work on not getting queasy and groaning at the TV every time he’s on screen as its problem.”

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