Emmerdale icon Dominic Brunt’s cryptic hint he might leaving the soap for good

Although Paddy Dingle is one of Emmerdale’s biggest legends, the local doctor may soon be leaving the community.

As viewers of Emmerdale are aware, Paddy is presently going through a really difficult period as a result of a plot line on men’s mental health.

The actor who portrays Paddy, Dominic Brunt, 52, has given Andy’s Man Club and The Samaritans credit for their contributions to the plot. Since Paddy learned his wife Chas had an affair with Al Chapman, we have seen as his health has declined.

Dominic said this in regards to the difficult scenes: “It’s a wonderful honor and a great duty to be playing this storyline. The fact that most guys don’t talk about their difficulties enough in today’s culture is a fundamental problem.

“We suppress them out of fear of upsetting others, embarrassment, and the conviction that we ought to be strong and not display weakness. It will have been worthwhile if this article may bring attention to the problem or even just slightly alter someone’s perspective.”

Villagers and followers of Paddy are anxious about his whereabouts as he is currently absent. Paddy will return to Emmerdale next month, but it has been hinted that it would only be for a little stopover. We told you about this earlier this week.

Could this imply that, after 25 years, Paddy Dingle and Dominic Brunt will be leaving us? Dominic has previously dropped cryptic indications that his time in Emmerdale may be coming to an end.

We quoted Dominic as saying, “If I were to depart tomorrow, however, I wouldn’t complain because I’ve had 25 fantastic years – but long may it continue.” “I adore that position completely. To you, I am unable to convey what it means to me.

Dominic has been developing his career away from Emmerdale in recent years. He is a fan of the horror genre and has directed a number of scary movies.

James Fleet and John Henshaw acted in Dominic’s last film, Wolf Manor, which was directed by him. Among other movies, he also directed Before Dawn and Attack of the Adult Babies.

Of course, we’ll keep you informed about what happens to Paddy Dingle in Emmerdale and his on-screen persona Dominic Brunt in the future.

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