Emmerdale: How far will Lloyd’s wife go to get revenge? Fan theory suggests she could turn to murder…

Emmerdale’s Julie, Lloyd’s wife, appeared at the close of last night’s episode in search of Dan and Amelia last Monday, July 31.

She appeared to be out for vengeance based on the expression in her eyes.

According to a recent Emmerdale fan theory, Lloyd’s wife might even murder Dan.

Emmerdale: Lloyd’s wife turned up in the village

Julie, Lloyd’s wife, first encountered Dan at the hospital, where Julie immediately assumed that Dan had attempted to assist Lloyd.

But it soon became apparent that Dan was the one who had attacked Lloyd.

Dan told Julie who Lloyd was in full as he began to launch for her. Then, when Julie refused to trust him, he was yanked away from her.

Then Julie appeared at the Woolpack, accusing Dan and Amelia of lying while displaying pictures of Lloyd and portraying him as a devoted family man.

Julie returned to the village last night and stood there with a menacing expression on her face, peering at Dan and Amelia’s home. Tonight it was revealed that Julie had been bugging the town for information on Amelia.

She then faced Amelia head-on and declared, “I’m going to bring you down, and I don’t care what it takes.”

Emmerdale fan theory: Julie to murder Dan?

Julie is driven to hold Dan accountable for sending her husband Lloyd to the hospital. She seems ready to take all necessary action to hold him and Amelia accountable.

A recent Emmerdale fan idea, however, contends that her plan for retaliation might become pretty dark.

Dan could be the ultimate target of her rage if it continues to grow.

“The mad wife has arrived to murder Dan,” the fan theory continues, followed by three scream emojis.

But is this the plan Julie has in mind?

Emmerdale: Will Julie kill Dan?

Julie is unwavering in her belief that Lloyd is a wonderful man who wouldn’t harm a fly. She won’t accept that he was following Amelia.

Will Julie kill Dan if Lloyd is in a coma and she is determined to exact revenge on him?

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