Emmerdale hints character already knows Nicky’s secret – but it’s not Kim or Gabby

The ITV soap opera Emmerdale’s Nicky Miligan was terrified during Tuesday’s episode as a secret flame once more threatened his grand revenge scheme.

Just as he appeared to be keeping his covert scheme against another villager on track, a tremendous blast from his past made a second appearance.

‘Friend’ of Nicky After realizing Nicky was ignoring his calls and messages, Ally went back to the village and tried to coax him into spending time with him once more.

But just when Nicky appeared to be giving in to temptation, there was a brief indication that Ally might already be aware of or be soon to learn what Nicky is up to.

Viewers recently discovered that Caleb Miligan, the son of Faith Dingle, and Frank Tate, a former villager and Kim Tate’s ex-husband, was actually their hidden child.

Additionally, Nicky Miligan, the new nanny at Home Farm, is Caleb’s son, and the two have joined forces to get revenge on Frank and take everything Kim owns.

Caleb thinks that since Kim killed Frank, her riches actually belonged to his father and should therefore be his.

Fans are aware that Nicky is simply using Gabby Thomas, the mother of Kim’s grandson Thomas, as a pawn in Thomas’ inheritance despite the fact that the two are currently engaged.

The return to the town of Nicky’s hidden girlfriend Ally in the most recent episode raised the possibility of yet another issue.

Moments after being confronted by Nicky in the village, he caught up with Gabby in secret.

Ally was spotted grinning as an alarmed Nicky entered the room and discovered him and Gabby talking and sharing alcohol.

But in the previous scene, Nicky was heard telling Ally that he was taking a huge risk.

Nicky gave Ally a hint that he was planning something, and his remark that Ally might destroy everything for him may have been a clear indication that Nicky intended to spill the beans about his and Caleb’s scheme for Gabby and Kim.

Is this a big sign Nicky did tell him the truth and he now knows what Nicky is planning? Ally looked to pull a face as the scene ended, and he was then seen with Gabby.

If this is the case, does the subsequent conversation between him and Gabby portend that Ally would flip against Nicky and reveal him to Gabby?

It follows the fans’ recent discovery of Ally’s true identity and his connection to Nicky. After receiving calls and messages from the unidentified person, Nicky met up with him.

Then, additional information about their connection came to light, and one scene in particular revealed what Nicky had been concealing.

He questioned, “What the hell are you playing at? ” after Ally made it seem like Gabby wasn’t his type. You and I both are aware that your wedding is a fraud.

As the program came to a close, Nicky informed him: “I’m not playing anything,” and they had a passionate kiss.

The revelation that Ally was Nicky’s past or perhaps even a current love interest explained why he was perplexed about getting married to Gabby.

Executive producer Jane Hudson recently hinted that Nicky and Caleb’s secret may eventually be revealed.

She stated in a statement to The Mirror and other media: “Soon, very, very soon. It won’t be long after the Coronation but before the soap opera week.

Jane is likely referring to the huge week the soap typically has in October. The show also frequently has a strong week in May or June before the British Soap Awards.

The week she was referring to wasn’t entirely clear, so the truth may come out at any point between the middle of May and the middle of October.

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