Emmerdale: From Lisa to Alice, the saddest Dingle deaths ever

Over the years, Emmerdale has experienced much more fatalities than it should have, some of which were really tragic.

It’s safe to predict that the ITV soap opera’s 50th anniversary special this month will be heartbreaking.

Faith Dingle will pass away at some point during the month, viewers are aware of this.

And it’s likely to be dramatic after a lead-up that saw her learn she has terminal cancer, reconcile with her son Cain, and then desperately try to hide the reality the cancer is robbing her of her own mind.

In Emmerdale, however, Faith is not the first Dingle to pass away.

Here are some of the most tragic and painful Dingle passings in ITV soap opera history.

Emmerdale: Saddest Dingle deaths – Lisa

This one was heartbreaking and shocking.

Lisa Dingle passed away in May 2019 just hours after remarrying her soul mate, Zak Dingle.

Lisa’s terminal heart condition had been made known back in March during a special all-female program to honor International Women’s Day.

Before informing her distraught family, she kept the information to herself and Charity.

Lisa’s family and viewers believed she only had a few months to live, but that was not to be.

After checking off her top priority on her wish list—to wed Zak once more—she went home to change, rested on the couch, and then passed away.

Lisa, this is too soon, Zak sobbed as he found her.


One of the biggest surprises in the history of Emmerdale was Tricia Dingle’s passing.

Married to Marlon Dingle since Valentine’s Day 2003, Tricia and Marlon moved out of the community two months later so she could appear in a Bollywood film.

As far as soap romances go, the couple got divorced and Marlon ended up having an affair with Charity, who was sort of his cousin.

Devastated, Tricia made the decision to leave him and the village.

But Marlon’s efforts to win her back with a heartfelt letter were successful; it did, however, bring her back during a storm in which she was crushed beneath a collapsing Woolpack window.

Marlon and Diane found Tricia under the debris, and she was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

But after suffering severe inside wounds and a heart arrest, she was deemed brain dead. Marlon made the terrible choice to turn off her computer.

Saddest Dingle deaths in Emmerdale – Alice

Nothing could have foreshadowed Alice’s passing in 2006.

When Sam Dingle’s wife made the decision to end her own life rather than let terminal cancer to rob her of her dignity, there can’t have been a dry eye in the house.

She had made a heartbreakingly difficult choice after learning she was expecting son Samson and also battling cancer.

Alice gave birth to Samson prematurely in January 2006 after refusing to have her pregnancy terminated so that she could begin chemotherapy.

But by the time she began her treatment, it was too late, and nothing could be done.

She stopped receiving treatment and made the decision to take her own life, dying in Sam’s arms with Samson by their side.


This storyline, which saw Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk learn their much-desired baby will not survive after birth, was anything but gut-wrenching.

Bilateral renal agenesis, or incomplete fetal development of the kidneys, is the condition that Baby Grace was diagnosed with.

The decision to continue the pregnancy was decided by the couple. even though they were aware of the tragic reality. Therefore, Grace’s body may be transplanted to benefit other kids who needed organs.

Chas gave birth to their daughter under terrifying circumstances. She passed away in her arms, forcing her to say her final goodbyes.

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