Emmerdale first look as EastEnders star appears in Gail storyline

Martha Cope, a former EastEnders star, will be appearing as a guest on Emmerdale.

The next week, Martha will appear in the ITV1 soap opera as newbie Sophie. When it was hinted that Martha will portray a relative of one of the villagers a few days ago, this casting news was first made public.

Now that Sophie will be a part of a new storyline involving Ryan Stocks’ girlfriend Gail Loman, Emmerdale executives have confirmed it.

Rachael Gill-Davis’s Gail, who wanted to reunite with Ryan, went back to the town earlier this year. In 2019, she had already made a brief appearance.

Gail makes her justifications to leave for a brief period of time as she and Ryan enjoy a romantic lunch at The Woolpack.

Gail stealthily makes an attempt to investigate an enigmatic phone call she received.

Later, in the allotment, Gail runs upon a needy woman named Sophie.

When Sophie breaks some horrible news about someone by the name of Oscar, Gail is clearly upset.

What secret is Gail keeping, and how can that impact her relationship with Ryan?

On EastEnders in 2021, Martha Cope portrayed Sandy Gibson, Dotty Cotton’s mother, in the recast role.

In the past, she has also played a guest role on Emmerdale as DC Morden, who from late 2013 to early 2014 looked into a fire at Home Farm.

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