Emmerdale Faye actress Jane Gurnett’s life off air – from famous ex and ‘miracle’ baby to rival soap stint

Faye, a recent addition to Emmerdale, has recently been introduced to the ITV soap opera as Mary Goskirk, portrayed by Louise Jameson, potential love interest. They have been seeing each other and getting closer.

Following a succession of bad dates for Mary, Faye, played by actress Jane Gurnett, made her debut in the Dales back in January.

But as the two have grown closer in recent months, viewers have come to believe that Faye’s entry is connected to a much larger ongoing plot, and some believe it may be connected to last week’s revelation that Caleb is Nicky’s father.

But while we wait to learn the real identity of the newcomer Faye, we have closely examined Jane Gurnett’s life off-camera.

Here is what we know about the soap opera star outside of public view.

What other roles has Jane Gurnett held?

Actress Jane Gurnett, 61, has had a thriving and diverse career. You’ve probably seen her in a lot of well-known shows throughout the years.

The celebrity has played numerous roles in well-known TV shows since she first appeared on our screens in the 1980s. She is arguably best known for playing Rachel Longworth in the television series Casualty. Rachel was a nurse who worked in the hospital’s emergency department. Between 1994 and 1996, Jane portrayed Rachel for a two-year period.

Dangerfield, Crossroads, Birds of a Feather, The Royal, Peak Practice, and A Touch of Frost are just a few other films that Jane has acted in.

She most recently played Verity Foster in Doctors, and she also acted in Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators, a crime drama, last year.

She has had starring roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at the National Theatre in addition to her TV engagements.

Famous ex-partners of Jane Gurnett

Rosa May Fearon, the actress’s daughter with former partner and Coronation Street actor Ray Fearon, is a star of the soap opera. Ray was 10 years older than Jane.

Ray is also well-known for his appearances in Snatch, Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators, and BBC’s His Dark Materials in addition to his portrayal of Firenze the centaur in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

When they both appeared in the play “Vote for Them,” Jane and John Wheatly (Joe Broughton in Coronation Street) were romantically involved. It’s thought that Jane is currently unmarried.

Rosa May Fearon, the daughter Jane and her ex-husband Ray Ray Fearon have together, is one. Rosa reportedly took a “agonizing” 12 years to conceive through IVF. Jane previously stated in an interview, “I’ve gone down a long hard road to have my baby, I couldn’t believe my luck when little Rosa May came into my world.”

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