Emmerdale fans workout ‘sinister’ Caleb’s next move after Kyle’s killer confession

After Kyle Winchester admitted to killing Al Chapman, viewers of Emmerdale believe they have predicted what Caleb Dingle will do.

Kyle’s uncle Caleb had offered him counsel before he went to the police, and in the episode airing tonight (December 31), he also provided Moira with a lawyer’s card before she visited Cain in jail.

Following the confession, Kyle was arrested but freed on bail while the police conducted their investigation. Kyle had a jumper covered in blood when he arrived at the police station. Following his return to the Dales, viewers have speculated that Caleb will take the wrap for both Kyle and Cain.

“Caleb ends up taking the rap for Kyle & Cain obviously #Emmerdale,” tweeted Twitter user @KickAssCantona2. However, after seeing his battered wallet, not everyone believes he has the greatest of intentions.

Did anyone else notice that Caleb’s wallet appeared to be a little worse for wear? Emmerdale is eerily resembling Corrie. “Perhaps he’s broke and wants to con the community out of some money.”

OMG, that expression Caleb gave Moira, tweeted @griannedoherty3. There is no doubt that he is up to anything evil here. After all, what better way to exact his alleged vengeance on Cain than by imprisoning his own Son? #Emmerdale ”

“#emmerdale,” tweeted @yasmin ali10 Caine, you shouldn’t be indoors while everyone else is ringing in the new year, Moira. I don’t feel like I can trust Caleb after what you did.

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