Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Will Taylor will die as Caleb’s link to DI Malone ‘exposed’

Fans of Emmerdale have “figured out” a twist in which Will Taylor will pass away and Caleb’s connection to DI Malone will be made public.

The identity of Caleb has been the subject of great debate because some fans believe he is not the brother of Cain that he claims to be. On Christmas Day, Caleb traveled to the village to visit Cain, who was being held in custody on charges related to the murder of Al Chapman.

At that time, Cain has been released from prison, and the Dingle family is hopeful that Kyle, the person who shot Al, will be allowed to spend any sentence in the community now that Caleb has hired some top-notch attorneys to represent him.

They had suggested Cain not meet up with Kyle as he waits for word from the prosecution service. His mother Amy wants to maintain this situation, but Cain wants to break the restrictions and visit his son.

In last night’s episode, it results in a conflict between Will and Cain, and its effects are only expected to spread.

Will was watching Kyle and Lucas play at the park when Cain noticed them and went to say hello. Will swiftly cut him off, telling him that Amy had cautioned him to keep Cain away from his kid for the time being.

As Kyle recognized his father, he approached Cain and inquired about joining them at the café. Will stepped in to respond, “No, he can’t. He’s not allowed. I was asked by Amy to take care of him. Cain, however, took offense to this, and a heated argument ensued.

I didn’t realize you were an attorney, Cain yelled, before continuing, “It’s scarcely unsafe for me to take him for an orange juice. My bail terms are regarding my statement being used in Kyle’s defense.

You’re just like your brother, aren’t you? Will instantly retorted. You believe that you are exempt from the rules.

Before Amy showed there and yelled at Cain for what he said, Cain stated, “Well, the law is the law, so I am going to make sure you stick to it.

Some ITV soap opera viewers now believe Caleb is somehow related to DI Malone, who was murdered by Will’s daughter Dawn after being threatened by him as the late Harriet Finch looked on.

“I’m now wondering if Caleb has something to do with or a relationship to the missing (now deceased) DI Malone,” one Twitter user remarked. When Malone first showed up in the village of # emmerdale, Cain had some shady dealings with him.

“I believe Caleb is DI Malone’s brother, not Cain Dingle’s brother, and I’ll wait and see first,” one person remarked, while another added: “If it’s related to Joe, then Debbie needs to come back.” Perhaps Caleb is trying to find Malone.”

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