Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who really attacked Charles as viewers fear ‘serial killer’

Following the discovery of vicar Charles Anderson unconscious on the chapel floor during Monday night’s episode, Emmerdale viewers have rushed to Twitter to speculate about what they think may have happened to him.

He had to sit through a contentious argument with Naomi Walter, his daughter, earlier in the ITV broadcast (Karene Peter).

The duo had eventually came face to face in the church, with Naomi willing to speak things out with her father, leaving him feeling relived.

However, things started to go south when Charles’ partner Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) overheard the couple arguing.

Manpreet noticed Naomi suddenly cry out, appearing disturbed and irate, before she walked away as he was moving toward the chapel.

Manpreet entered the church and found Charles lying on the ground, unconscious.

As the paramedics came, Naomi returned to the scene and, after asking Manpreet if he was alright, was taken into custody on charges of Harriet’s assault.

Fans of the ITV soap opera weren’t convinced that Naomi was to blame, though, as some viewers had seen Ethan tampering with the electrical system earlier in the episode.

Astute viewers noted that previous shows had made several remarks regarding the chapel’s questionable wiring.

On Twitter, a viewer wrote: “Vicar been electrocuted.”

Someone else remarked, “Lazy Marcus ought to have mended the electrics by now! Naomi will be held accountable for this.

He was electrocuted while pretending to be an electrician, said a third. So I’m betting he gets electrocuted, a fellow fan commented.

“I believe Naomi could have kicked Chucky in the a** but probably didn’t on this particular occasion. When she departed, they were still arguing,” another person typed.

Someone another asked: “Is there a serial killer out there?” Not sure if a new serial murderer scenario is in the works, as one person added.

Charles was put into an induced coma due to hemorrhage after being admitted to the hospital, and the doctors warned that “the next few hours will be critical” due to his serious head injury.

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