Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Caleb Miligan is secretly working with

Fans of Emmerdale have discovered who Caleb Miligan is covertly employing. The businessman has already admitted that he is secretly the father of nanny Nicky.

His plan to reclaim Home Farm from Kim in honor of his late father Frank Tate is well underway. And this week it became out that he was receiving assistance from another person.

In his phone, this person went by the name “A.” The identity of the mysterious person has been revealed to be Adrian.

What about Adrian? And if he’s even a man, could Adrienne be one of them? What’s more, how are they related to Kim?

She was concerned about Frank’s recently discovered illegitimate son because Caleb’s plan to take everything from Kim was in full swing.

Viewers are aware that she devised a strategy to conceal the majority of her assets and properties so that he wouldn’t obtain any of them.

Emmerdale: What is Caleb hiding?

So when Caleb told Adrian to call Kim right away and carry out their plan, things took a turn. The next thing observed was Kim getting a call concerning an investment she was making from someone she knew.

This investment was made on a hotel complex in Dubai. Furthermore, the caller maintained that they were aware of Kim’s financial difficulties.

Kim insisted on meeting them even though she didn’t refer to them as Adrian. She then departed the community to settle the dispute.

But who exactly is the enigmatic caller? Why do they collaborate with Caleb, too?

This week, Caleb also disclosed a significant piece of information. He told Leyla Harding his ‘children’ didn’t want him to move on and he asked her to keep their affair a secret.

Emmerdale viewers are now persuaded that Adrian is Caleb’s hidden child and may not be who everyone thinks. “I still don’t know who Adrian is,” one person added. He might be Caleb’s other child. #Emmerdale.”

A second remarked, “Adrian can be a female name, so could be Caleb’s daughter.” “#Emmerdale Adrian?” a third person added. Maybe one of Nicky’s siblings is that. However, it might also be something entirely different.

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