Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ truth behind Charles ‘attack’ as they spot Naomi ‘lie’

As they fear the town vicar is stepping in for her, Emmerdale viewers appear to believe Charles Anderson and his daughter Naomi Harris are involved in much more than first appears to be the case.

The father and daughter had a furious argument earlier in the week that left Charles comatose on the chapel floor.

Manpreet Sharma saw Naomi rush out of the church and instantly accused her; as a result, Naomi was later taken into custody.

But after recovering in the hospital, Charles said he had fallen over a toolbox and struck his head.

However, the fact that Charles landed on his back when he was discovered unconscious has skeptics on the sidelines.

Fans thought Charles could be covering Naomi’s songs after jumping on Twitter.

“I think he is hiding something up, if he fell, he wouldn’t of fallen on his back,” one user remarked.

Another fan questioned Charles’ account of the incident and questioned: “Is he speaking the truth though?”

Another person added in: “He should have fallen forward, right? On his back, no.”

In the episode that aired on Wednesday night, Charles made a quick recovery and informed Manpreet that he needed to make amends with his daughter after she had been unjustly accused.

The tension between the women didn’t seem to ease, despite Manpreet’s best efforts to forget the past and distance herself from the idea that Naomi reminds her of her sister Meena.

Manpreet was shocked when, later in the show, Naomi asked Ethan if she could move into his apartment so she could keep an eye on Charles.

Manpreet was plainly perplexed by her new concept, believing she had let her go.

But Naomi told her that she had no immediate intentions to leave the village.

Twitter was where supporters went to express themselves.

One writer wrote: “What does Naomi accomplish? She is very unpleasant. Meena had charm despite being a badass. These brand-new characters are all unlikeable.”

Added to that: “I believe that Charles moving his family away after falling in love with his ex-girlfriend would make for an excellent plot. Get rid of a lot of the irritating individuals at once!”

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