Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ true identity of mystery ‘A’ and their link to Caleb Milligan

This week, it was revealed that Will Ash’s character Caleb Milligan is receiving assistance from an unidentified person in his mission to eliminate Claire King’s character Kim Tate. Many Emmerdale watchers think they have uncovered Caleb’s familial connections after learning that “A” stood for Adrian.

Kim has no idea that Caleb has been pretending to work with her while he plans to take all she has, including her cherished Home Farm.

Kim worried about an unidentified successor of her late husband Frank Tate’s (Norman Bowler) who was pursuing her money in Thursday’s episode.

Later, it was discovered that Caleb had been surreptitiously communicating on the phone with a man named Adrian.

Adrian is helping Nicky and Caleb wreck Kim’s life, but why?

Adrian was prompted by Caleb to call Kim right away in order to forward their plan and “raise the temperature.”

A short while later, Kim got a call from a person she knew who was involved in an investment in a hotel complex.

She didn’t call them Adrian, but the person on the other end of the line claimed to have heard that she was having financial problems.

She assured them that there were no problems, and then it looked as though she left the community to meet with them or the group to go over everything.

The fact that the call came in just a few seconds after Caleb gave Adrian his instructions suggests that Kim knows who it is.

Could they be deceiving the businesswoman about who they really are and what they want?

In recent days, Emmerdale fans have posted their hypotheses concerning Adrian’s identity on Twitter.

I’m still unsure who Adrian is, Ryan said. He might be Caleb’s other child. #Emmerdale.”

Mark continued, “Adrian can be a female name, so could be Caleb’s daughter.” (sic)

Posted by @Myfaveduo: “#Emmerdale Adrian? Maybe one of Nicky’s siblings is that. However, it might also be something entirely different.

“Adrian?” Alan Nelson remarked. What are the odds that Jamie [Tate] from Emmerdale is there?

It happens after Caleb revealed another truth while speaking with Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi), his new love interest.

Leyla was curious as to why he wanted to keep their relationship under wraps on the ITV serial.

At this point, Caleb disclosed that he had kids and didn’t want them to learn he was seeing someone new.

Is Adrian another of Caleb’s offspring since viewers are aware that Nicky is his secret son?

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