Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ true father of Charity’s baby – and it’s not Mackenzie

Following the shocking announcement that Charity Dingle is carrying a child, Emmerdale fans think they have solved the mystery of who the real father of her child may be.

The news that Charity is expecting a child, reportedly with her lover Mackenzie Boyd, stunned viewers of the ITV soap opera.

The shocking information was revealed as she was seen consoling Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale, who is also expecting and met Charity in a clinic.

Charity’s revelation also came after her boyfriend, who is also the baby’s alleged father, made jokes about her odd pickle appetite, which is a telltale indicator of pregnancy.

Fans, however, are now persuaded that Jamie Tate—Kim Tate’s son and the father of Gabby Thomas’ child—rather than Mack is the father of Charity’s child.

This is in light of rumors that the soap opera star may return to The Dales for the 50th anniversary special.

It’s definitely Jamie’s kid, as a nice twist for the Christmas episodes, a fan theorized on Twitter.

One more repeated, “Emmerdale.” I have a sneaking suspicion that Jamie is Charity’s father!

Jamie fled the soap when he crashed into a lake, leading the locals to believe he had passed away.

Unbeknownst to everyone in the village, he survived the horrific crash and now resides with his daughter Millie and his ex-wife Andrea’s mother Hazel.

Therefore, is he the father of Charity’s child? And could the soap be preparing for his significant comeback?

Jamie reference: He has to return for the anniversary of Emmerdale, one fan wrote on Twitter. Recently, fans have been speculating that Jamie will make an epic comeback.

Another person remarked, “We know Jamie is alive, but when on earth will he make another appearance?”

A third responded: “Emmerdale We all know that Jamie Tate returned to Emmerdale for the town’s 50th anniversary, so I hope he does so soon to wrest his son from a horrible mother like Gabby.”

This comes after Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale said on Thursday’s ITV soap opera that Noah Dingle was not the father of her pregnant child.

After the adolescent found out she was pregnant last week, and many speculated that Heath Hope might be the father, fans now think they have finally figured out who the father is.

We know the mysterious boy is a “teenager like her” and that the two are not dating because hints have been thrown throughout the week.

The character in question has “nothing to do with her since” sleeping with her, it was revealed on Thursday night.

It looks that Amelia became pregnant between the end of February and the beginning of March, when she was in the middle of her second trimester.

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