Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Samson Dingle is not father of Amelia’s baby

Since Amelia Spencer made her pregnancy announcement, there have been a lot of disclosures on the Emmerdale farm.

Initially, it was thought that the young father would be the bad boy Samson Dingle following a one-night stand with the young father, Noah Dingle.

Changes in personality and ambiguity regarding the paternity of Amelia’s unborn child were present in the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera.

After a brief flirtation with his cousin’s girlfriend while they were apart, viewers learned last week that Samson was the child’s father.

Before that, viewers were misled into thinking Noah would be the father and Amelia and the son of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and the late Christopher Tate would reunite (Peter Amory).

However, some fans have yet to fully accept Samson’s fatherhood due to the nature of the pregnancy so far.

On Twitter, new names are being tossed into the mix. One of them is Kit, the most recent local love rat from the Dales (Thoren Ferguson).

Kit has not shied away from dating other family members, as evidenced by his relationships with Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and her stepmother Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

The user Dragon tweeted: “Emmerdale Samson is no way the genuine father, it’s Kit all the way and Amelia is pretending to protect him.” Fans took to Twitter to offer their theories.

Posted by Michelle Reid “I’m betting for Kit to be the father of Amelia’s child. Observe this space.”

Some believe there is still a ton of drama still to play out, with a shocking turn of events maybe just around the corner.

Tweeted Jamal: “Samson is still not the father, in my opinion. Samson will probably accept the circumstances, but then something unexpected happens.”

St Mick continued: “And just as he develops an attachment with the child, it will be taken from him. traditional soap recipe.”

Samson and Noah displayed a different side of themselves during the show, appearing to switch personalities.

As he talked about being accepted by Amelia’s father, Noah’s more logical side came through.

The young man’s persona underwent a significant adjustment, as opposed to Samson, who bore no accountability for his acts.

“Congratulations Writers, you’ve ruined Samson inside a week,” one irate fan Matthew Chapman tweeted.

Do you all now understand why Noah should have been the father from the beginning?

Numerous prominent Dale characters have been drawn in by Amelia’s pregnancy, and the actor and her on-screen father Liam Fox were the ones who came up with the plot.

Ranvir Singh was informed by Daisy Campbell that the show’s producers chose to use the big storyline that the two of them jointly developed.

“We were thinking right, we can put this plot together,” the young star said. We naively believed we could just pitch it to producers.

When we proposed it to them, they responded, “Yeah, we’ll give it some thought.”

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