Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ real father of Amelia Spencer’s baby as star drops clue

Amelia Spencer had to confess to being pregnant in recent Emmerdale scenes after running into Charity Dingle at the doctor.

The teen then informed the popular person in Dingle that her son Noah was the father.

At first, Charity was appalled, especially after learning how far along Amelia was with her pregnancy. However, after she acknowledged that she was also pregnant, Charity rapidly changed her mind.

After clarifying that the father of Amelia’s child was not Charity’s troublesome son, the actress who plays her has teased the identity of the father.

Without revealing who the other father is, the soap star said, “Deep down she would [wish Noah was the father] because the other father is not really around.”

She has a connection with Noah now, and she secretly wishes it was him rather than the other person because he is more present.

The Amelia Spencer actress continued by acknowledging that her on-screen father Dan Spencer doesn’t react well to the news of her pregnancy.

When Noah told him he was the father, the two of them also argued.

The actress said to Digital Spy, “He knows what Noah has been like with Chloe and Gabby in the past.

“But because Amelia is so much younger than Noah, Dan doesn’t take it well because he is protective of her. The conflict between Noah and Dan is intense.”

Amelia said that Charity Noah was the father, but it doesn’t appear like the fans believe her.

Many people have used social media to express their opinions about the real father.

Sam wrote: “#emmerdale thinks the father of Amelia’s child may be known? and I’m speculating that it might be Arthur Thomas! #AmeliaArthur.”

Tweeted Wini: “Amelia needs to speak up immediately! Why did she allow Charity to believe that Noah was her unborn child’s father?”

“He’s not the father Charity,” Ryan Glendenning continued, “that’s what Amelia is trying to tell you.”

Who did Amelia sleep with in Emmerdale, and is Heath Hope the father of her child? asked user @soaplandglory.

Even if Amy Tolley foresaw: “At some time, I’m sure Amelia was pleading with the priest for a buddy. She indicated that the father is someone from the church.”

As Matthew Chapman asked questions: “What? I’m sorry. Who the hell is the father of Amelia’s child if it’s not Noah? As I already stated, it can’t be Heath or Samson either!”

I was sure Samson was the father of Amelia’s child, but I completely forgot about Heath, the invisible twin, said user @VampLover27.

The actress revealed to Ranvir Singh during a recent appearance on ITV’s Lorraine Kelly that she and her on-screen father came up with the pregnancy storyline.

Daisy said, “We were like, OK, we can put this tale together. “We figured producers would be easy to pitch,”

When asked if the producers are open to ideas, Daisy responded, “Yes, they can be occasionally.

“So we presented it to them, and they responded, “Yeah, we will consider it.

“And then I heard the tale of the weight gain, and in January I heard the tale of the pregnancy.”

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