Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ real cause of vicar Charles’ attack – and it wasn’t Naomi

After vicar Charles Anderson was discovered unconscious on the chapel floor in Monday night’s episode, Emmerdale viewers think they have figured out what really happened to him.

After a contentious argument with his daughter Naomi Walters (Kevin Mathurin; Karene Peter) in the chapel, when they finally faced face to face, the vicar was taken to the hospital.

When Naomi agreed to sit down and talk with him, Charles was relieved. However, the two soon got into a furious disagreement that his partner Manpreet Sharma overheard.

She observed Naomi erupt in rage as she walked away as she made her way to the chapel.

When Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) entered the church, she was terrified to see Charles comatose on the floor and immediately dialed for an ambulance.

Naomi quickly returned to the church while Manpreet attended to the unconscious Charles after she saw the paramedics arrive.

Before being detained by Harriet on suspicion of assault, Manpreet yelled at Naomi when she asked Charles if he was okay. Naomi was visibly shaken.

Although Manpreet later compares Naomi to the village murderer Meena, Emmerdale viewers believe Naomi may not be guilty of the crime.

Since there have been several remarks regarding the shoddy wiring in the chapel building in recent episodes, some soap opera watchers instead noticed Ethan playing with the electricity early in the program.

Fans of Emmerdale now believe this may be what caused Charles to suddenly change, with one speculating on Twitter that the vicar had been electrocuted.

“Lazy Marcus should have rectified the electrics by now,” another person wrote. Naomi will be held accountable for this.

“He got electrocuted playing electrician,” another person wrote. So I’m betting he gets electrocuted, a fellow viewer commented.

“I believe Naomi could have kicked Chucky in the a** but probably didn’t on this particular occasion. Another speculating admirer said, “When she left, they were still fighting.

Charles’ critical head injury was updated for Manpreet and Ethan later in the program during scenes at the hospital.

Due to the hemorrhage, Charles is placed in an induced coma, with hospital staff warning that “the next few hours will be vital.”

The nurse says, “My biggest concern is making sure he’s okay,” when Manprett wonders what might have caused the injuries.

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