Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Mackenzie Boyd’s link to Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy

Mackenzie recently learned that Charity Dingle, his girlfriend, was expecting their child, and he was ecstatic to hear the news.

New obstacles will arise that will test the couple as they prepare to start a kid, but the Emmerdale veteran will not be anticipating to learn some terrible news about her partner.

This October, when the milestone episodes of the ITV soap opera are scheduled to run, Mackenzie might find himself in serious danger because it appears he may be related to Amelia Spencer’s unborn child.

The teen recently learned she was pregnant as well, although the father of the kid is still unknown at this time.

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), who was eliminated in last week’s episodes, was revealed to be the boy the young girl went to church with.

Amelia might be aware that the person who got her pregnant might have broken the law, therefore this could be a cover story for who the real father is.

It’s possible that Mackenzie is the baby’s father, in which case he will be carrying two children in as many months, as the plot is expected to take several unexpected turns.

He could get into a lot of problems, though, if the village and the authorities find out about his connection to the child because he slept with a minor.

Although things between Mackenzie and Charity have improved since the beginning of the year, the former may have felt ignored.

He might have felt overlooked given Charity’s concentration on remodeling the bar, and if he had gotten drunk one night, he might have made a serious error.

Amelia might have run into Mackenzie because she would have been feeling self-conscious due to Noah’s remarks about her appearance.

He could have sat down, listened to her, and explained to her how his stepson was entirely incorrect after noticing the youngster was distressed.

Amelia might have misconstrued the cues out of gratitude for the assurance and kissed Mackenzie, which might not have prevented what happened.

The following morning, Mackenzie would have made Amelia promise not to tell anyone what occurred because he knew what he did was wrong.

He could have ignored what transpired between him and Amelia in order to make things work with Charity.

Even after finding out Amelia was expecting recently, he might not have made the connection that he could be the father.

But in the 50th-anniversary episodes of the show, Amelia might require the father of the child’s assistance when her waters break.

Will she out him as the man she slept with, or will she keep it a secret?

Ryan tweeted: “Imagine if Amelia’s kid was Mack’s #Emmerdale.” Viewers had expected this evil turn on social media.

On the social media platform, Melanie added: “People have speculated that Mackenzie is Amelia’s father. Just no, for the love of God, #emmerdale.”

Post by Polly “Will Mackenzie have two biological fathers? #Emmerdale.”

Could this fall bring about one of the biggest narrative twists in recent memory, and will Mackenzie have to live with the repercussions of his actions?

Lawrence, who plays Mackenzie, has commented on the character’s participation in the 50th-anniversary festivities.

The serial actor elucidated: “The past month has seen a noticeable increase in my workload, which is excellent.

“Everyone seems to be busier as the 50th approaches, and I believe everyone will have a small piece of the pie.

“Since everyone will participate in some way on the 50th, I believe everyone is becoming a little bit busier. There will undoubtedly be a lot of gritty material regarding Charity’s pregnancy and Mack’s response to it.

In other words, he is busying up, the actor remarked.

Jane Hudson, the show’s executive producer, hinted to the upcoming drama in an interview with Express.co.uk and other media.

We’re going to celebrate our 50th anniversary with a golden month, according to Jane. Amazing feats, more heartbreaks, secrets, and lies are all revealed.

“It will be a gift that goes on giving and a celebration that nobody wants to end.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time in 2022 developing our narratives for the 50th golden month of celebrations. This needs to be our most successful year yet.

There is a lot in store, she continued, “some really huge things that will test couples’ fortitude and them as parents.”

Could Mackenzie’s connection to Amelia’s pregnancy therefore be one of the secrets to be revealed?

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