Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Kim Tate twist as Gabby Thomas plans to leave village

Fans of Emmerdale believe they have seen a preview of a twist involving Kim Tate as Gabby Thomas considers leaving the village after a trying year.

On the ITV soap opera, Gabby will continue to have a difficult time adjusting to Nicky’s presence in the community. Nicky and Gabby divorced on the day of their wedding when he came out as gay and disclosed that their relationship had been a ruse to assist his dad Caleb Miligan get close to the Tates and try to steal all of Kim Tate’s money, including Home Farm, from her.

Recently, Gabby had taken a vacation to deal with the pain of the betrayal and her broken heart, but it now appears that this break may not have been enough for her as she plans to leave the town in the following scenes. According to ITV soap opera spoilers for the upcoming episode, Gabby, who recently tried to extort Billy Fletcher after making out with him, is adamant about selling her house and moving out of the town permanently. Will she actually carry out her plan, or is this just talk from the young resident?

Since then, viewers of the soap opera have used social media to forecast a twist and speculate on whether Gabby would bring her infant son Thomas with her.

A commenter asked: “I just wonder if Gabby will leave Thomas with Kim when she leaves (please do!) Just like her mother, Bernice did to her?” To which another user retorted: “I’ve a feeling Kim is already planning getting a court order to stop her taking Thomas and getting a residency order.”

It comes after Kim recently issued Gabby a severe warning after learning about her extortion scheme. Fans may remember that Gabby threatened Billy lately by demanding that he beat up his ex-girlfriend Nicky over their alleged near-kiss. She said:

She tried to kiss him, but he said, “You shouldn’t keep secrets from your wife, Billy, it never ends well!” She said she could “plant the seed of doubt” and “let Dawn do the rest.”

As a result of Billy telling Dawn, her wife, everything, her plan backfired. They all lived at Home Farm, but later Dawn, who had come to believe Billy, faced Gabby and insisted she had no desire to speak to her. Kim learned that Gabby had caused commotion when she got home, which didn’t take long.

Kim gave Gabby a strong warning: “You have to quit this foolish practice of being the victim.Do you really believe that you are the only person in the world who has gone through a traumatic breakup? You’ve bullied and intimidated others, then pretended to be surprised that you don’t have any friends. What outcome did you anticipate this would have? I would avoid Billy and Dawn for the foreseeable future if I were you. Or you’ll have to deal with someone much worse — me.

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