Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ how Nicky will double cross Caleb in ‘ultimate betrayal’

Fans of Emmerdale believe they have figured out Nicky’s scheme to betray his father Caleb in the ‘ultimate betrayal’.

Since Caleb’s father is Frank Tate, the ex-husband of Kim Tate, the two have been introduced to soap opera viewers as father and son, working together to overthrow Kim Tate and recover Home Farm and all of its riches, which they believe is their birthright.

Nicky has a job at Home Farm caring for Gabby Thomas’ infant while simultaneously establishing a phony romantic relationship with her and even making a proposal to win her over.

Working with Kim on a new horse breeding program, Caleb is gradually seizing control of Home Farm in an effort to get closer to her and steal everything she owns, including the house.

Fans of the soap opera, however, are certain that Nicky may actually be preparing to deceive his own father after observing the two’s escalating hostility. As the two struggle to figure out what to do next, things have become more and more tense for them.

Although his son Nicky has warned him that Leyla is becoming a distraction, Caleb has been getting closer to her.

As tensions between the two increase, some fans are speculating that Nicky may turn on his own father in the ‘ultimate betrayal’.

One supporter predicted what may happen, saying, “I think Nicky will turn against Caleb.”

One person commented, “Nicky pilling the threats on Caleb in Emmerdale,” and another, “I wonder if Gabby will end up pregnant with Nicky’s baby, then it’ll be turning point for Nicky in that he’ll fall in love with Gabby & go against his Dad and expose the truth so he doesn’t lose contact with Gabby or his child.”

Whatever transpires, the actors have hinted that when their grand scheme is revealed, there would be “fireworks”.

“Since there is a foot in both families, it might be a little burdensome for them both. That method of determining how much disruption these people can cause is pretty brilliant. The conflict between the Tates and the Dingles has always existed, but it will now intensify significantly. There are many fireworks ready to go out because what Caleb and Nicky are attempting to do is incredibly big,” William Ash said.

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