Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ how Jamie Tate will return as Kim receives odd Hazel message

After scenes involving his grieving mother Kim Tate aired on Tuesday night, Jamie Tate’s return to the ITV soap was eagerly awaited by Emmerdale viewers.

Kim was enjoying a glass of wine with Will Taylor in the episode, which was rescheduled from the previous week owing to coverage of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, when she received a text message from Hazel informing her that Millie would be going back to the Dales.

Kim asked, bewildered, “Why the abrupt change of heart. I haven’t been informed of Millie’s whereabouts or how she got there on purpose by Hazel. She just stepped it up and promised to drive her to a dress fitting, is that right? ”

Kim retorted, “No rules? “, to which Will remarked, “Maybe she’s just realized it’s the right thing for Millie.” merely a little text. It doesn’t seem very Hazel, does it? No. There is more involved. I must ascertain what.

Fans of Emmerdale have theorized that the scenes may be setting up the revelation of Jamie’s true fate, with proof that he is still alive after pretending to be dead last year.

One user tweeted: “Millie mention – which suggests a potential Jamie comeback.

In response, another person said, “Yes Jamie has had an accident if I remember it right. Does that indicate he’s on his way back.”

After Jamie faked his death in a vehicle accident in September 2021, Gabby Thomas and Dawn Taylor made the unexpected realization that he was likely still alive earlier this year.

Will Taylor, Kim’s colleague, has been informed of the plot when Gabby accidentally shot him due to a case of mistaken identification.

Following the vehicle accident last year, it was thought that Jamie was alive and well, and Will quickly requested that his ex-girlfriend Harriet Finch look into the situation.

He decided to check with Harriet to see if it was real, but decided not to notify his partner Kim for the time being.

But following some suspicious activities involving a private eye, Will made the decision to leave things alone, leaving him to question if he had made the right decision.

According to Emmerdale teasers, Kim will finally learn the truth next week when Jamie’s own actions cause his true destiny to be revealed and someone is hurt.

When Hazel and her granddaughter don’t show up for their scheduled meet-up, Kim is devastated, but then she learns some stunning information that sets off another bombshell.

The heroine finds out that Hazel had an accident, but she is unprepared for what she learns when she hears that Jamie pushed Hazel down the stairs.

Before telling Dawn, Gabby, and Will that Jamie is indeed still alive as Millie joins her at Home Farm, Kim demands explanations and wants to know what he has been doing.

The following day, the police show Kim unmistakable evidence that Jamie is still alive, hurting her. Millie, who was present, overheard everything and reacted severely.

When Millie mysteriously vanishes, Kim is horrified to learn from Harriet that the police have not yet located her. Has Jamie come back and stolen Millie?

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