Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Faye’s real identity as they ‘expose’ Caleb and Nicky link

Fans of the Emmerdale soap opera have made up stories about how newbie Faye (Jane Gurnett) is connected to Caleb and Nicky (Lewis Cope).

The revelation that Caleb and Nicky are father and son has left viewers in a state of shock. They appeared in the hamlet with the sole purpose of reclaiming Home Farm from Kim Tate (Claire King).

This is due to the fact that Caleb, played by Waterloo Road actor Will Ash, is the son of Frank Tate, played by Norman Bowler, Kim’s ex-husband who she falsely accused of murder and then abandoned to perish.

After stating his mother had died while he was a child, it was later found that Nicky had also lied about his background.

It was revealed that Caleb’s mother is still alive when the Home Farm nanny threatened to tell his mother about his affair with Leyla (Roxy Shahidi).

There are many ideas floating around regarding who Nicky’s mother really is, and it appears that fans have now thrown Faye’s name to the mix.

Recently, Faye moved to the village and started seeing Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson). In recent weeks, things have heated up between the couple as they took their relationship to a new level.

Faye may be hiding something, Emmerdale viewers have recently stated, possibly a connection to Caleb and Nicky, as it seems impossible to trust anyone anymore.

Online commenters expressed their opinions, with one writing: “Faye possibly Nickys Mother, it couldn’t be any more outlandish than these storylines #emmerdale.”

Another keen observer chimed in, “I think Mary’s new girlfrined has something to do with Caleb and Nicky’s scheme.

“Did this Faye say she was doing something with horses?” inquired another. Is Emmerdale involved in the Caleb/Nicky story?

A fourth fan proposed a plot twist: “What if Faye is Nicky’s mother?”

Six users responded: “Maybe Faye is Nicky’s mother,” to the statement from another user that “I think she’s something to do with Caleb and Nicky.”

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