Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ father of Amelia’s baby in shock twist

Since Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy was announced a few weeks ago, Emmerdale viewers have been trying to figure out who the baby’s father is.

When Noah Dingle asks Amelia if he can go with her to the initial ultrasound scan the next week, she feels hesitant. The sonographer turns the screen so Amelia can see the ultrasound of her baby as they arrive at the hospital, leaving her speechless and relieved.

The two appear to be a typical, content couple in the scanning chamber. As their romance develops, Harriet is taken aback when she sees them sharing a kiss.

Sam attempts to place flowers on Alice’s grave the following day but gets sidetracked by shouts in the distance.

According to the Daily Star, it turns out that Dan was the one shouting, and as more people gathered around the argument, the community was utterly taken aback to learn that Amelia was pregnant.

While this is going on, Bob must physically stop Dan from attacking Noah. Will the baby’s paternity finally be revealed, though?

The “obvious” Noah has been ruled out by viewers who have a notion about the baby’s father. One fan wrote on Facebook to share his or her theories: “I reckon Heath is the dad… he hasn’t had a good storyline.”

One person wrote: “I’m going to say Heath the dad because it’s too obvious to be Noah.

“I’m saying either Heath or Arthur is the dad [100%] and I’m going considerably more towards Heath,” a third social media user claimed.

“Amelia pregnant, my money on Samson,” reasoned a fourth. Another person remarked, “Got to be Samson surely?”

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