Emmerdale fans work out explosive revenge twist as Chloe Harris’ dad is ‘revealed’

Viewers of Emmerdale anticipate that her father, whose identity has remained a secret since her debut, will play a major role in her major impending plot.

Before a highly anticipated Super Soap Week in October 2023, Chloe’s future is a topic of discussion among ITV soap opera viewers.

Images of the actors Lawrence Robb and Emma Atkins with a car on a clifftop were recently leaked.

Even though both of them seemed to be hurt, Chloe actor Jessie Elland was also spotted in the car; however, it has not yet been made clear whether or not her own wounds will result in an on-screen demise.

After the images of every soap star were made public, viewers continued to speculate, theorizing that Chloe might pass away in a fatal car accident due to rumors of a new love triangle involving her, Mackenzie Boyd, and his ex-wife Charity Dingle.

Although nothing has been verified, viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap have theorized that Chloe’s possible demise would cause her enigmatic father to show up in the Dales bent on retaliation.

Despite the fact that he is still unidentified, viewers feel they know who he truly is because he was reportedly facing jail time just as Chloe started dating Noah Dingle.

A lot of viewers are certain that Chloe’s next car crash plot will involve her father, who is most likely already wandering the Dales as newcomer and mobster Harry, played by Robert Beck.

Harry appears to become a more prominent character, as regular watchers of the long-running program will recall that he was in charge of beating up Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) following some shady activities.

One observer questioned, “Could this Harry that beat up Celeb and with the guns be Chloe’s dad?”

Another viewer chimed in, saying, “That’s exactly what I thought,” while a third said, “Yeah, the bad guy is Chloe’s dad.”

We’ll just have to wait and see, another viewer said, adding, “I was thinking the same thing.

When Chloe initially appeared at the named village in August 2021, it was discovered that she had run away from her tyrannical and criminal father Damon.

In an effort to identify Chloe’s father, viewers went into a frenzy. However, when Kerry Wyatt (played by Laura Norton) revealed to her that she was Chloe’s biological mother, everything changed.

Some viewers thought “Damon” had finally been put behind them after Kerry revealed to Chloe that her father, Tony, also gave birth to her oldest daughter Amy Wyatt.

Due to his lack of communication with Kerry, Tony is now unaware of Chloe’s existence.

Could Chloe’s possible demise, however, force soap opera executives to resolve the other issues?

Who’s Chloe’s father really is?

Who is he?

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