Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Chas Dingle pregnancy bombshell after Al affair exposed

Fans of EMMERDALE believe that since Chas Dingle had an affair with her ex-lover Al Chapman, she may end up becoming pregnant.

As she struggles to accept the cancer prognosis for her mother Faith, Emmerdale bartender Chas Dingle has recently found solace in the arms of her ex-boyfriend Al Chapman.

ITV viewers appear to believe that even though the couple reached a no-strings-attached arrangement, their romance will be made public if Chas gets pregnant.

To celebrate the soap opera’s 50th anniversary, bosses intimated earlier this year that there would be a pregnancy in the hamlet.

However, fans believe the bartender might become pregnant with Al’s child after the steamy moments between Al and Chas that aired this week.

Many people have posted their opinions on social media, with one fan saying: “Yes, I questioned if it was Chas or maybe it’s too blatant.”

“I think it could be Chas because she’s been having an affair with Al,” another person said.

“I am aware that Emmerdale has predicted a surprise pregnancy for this year. Lydia and Sam came to mind first, but what if it’s Chas?” additional supporter

“Going to be Chas and Al will be the Dad,” one person retorted.

Fans have also discussed speculations on Twitter. Tam tweeted: “Chas pregnant, who’s the daddy?”

Ryan continued, “Now, imagine if Chas became pregnant with Al’s child.”

“Bear may be aware of Chas and Al. Al was probably on the phone, “Mike made a theory.

I guess it won’t be long till Chas’ affair with Al will be uncovered, Shaky wrote.

Al and Chas’ affair will eventually be revealed, Ryan continued, and he added: “Al and Chas consent to meeting covertly. That will not work out well.” (sic)

Despite developing their own assumptions regarding Al and Chas’ plot, fans watched as the bartender informed Al it was over during Thursday night’s show.

Don’t call me one again, Chas commanded. “No voicemails, texts, or anything else. Do you comprehend?”

“You could have just texted that,” As Chas retaliated, Al retorted, “No, this needs to be done now, and this needs to be done right.”

The bartender questioned Al as he attempted to alter the issue, “Al, what specifically do you want from me?”

He asked before Chas asked: “You got my texts, right? The ones you sent while you were lying next to Kerry?”

Al’s actor recently discussed whether or not his character would ever admit to having affections for Chas.

Michael remarked: “I don’t think he’ll be honest, in my opinion. I’m not sure.

“There must be a point where he will confess to the person he cheated on.

He eventually reaches a point in his present relationship where he realizes he isn’t receiving what he wants from it, and there is where he constantly makes mistakes.

“At this particular time, Chas enters the picture and provides him with the kind of consolation and support he isn’t receiving elsewhere. His major flaw is that.

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