Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Beth’s true identity and link to Amelia amid Clemmie drama

In what could be a major twist, sharp-eyed Emmerdale viewers believe they have discovered Dawn Fletcher’s friend Beth’s true identity.

Dawn recently attended the funeral of her closest friend Beth, who passed away from a drug overdose. She ended up at the wake, hosted at her other friend Jade’s house, where she spotted Beth’s kid Clemmie asleep in a dog bed.

Dawn and Beth had both worked in the sex industry together, protecting one another from risky gamblers and frequently partaking in drug use.

Fans, however, are now certain that Beth is linked to Amelia Spencer, a different Emmerdale resident.

After learning that Daz was her biological father in a chatroom in 2018, Amelia ran away and befriended another girl named Beth.

However, when she was staying at her house, Beth stole her phone, leaving her feeling betrayed and cut off from the outside world.

Beth persisted in telling Amelia while they were living in squalor that no one was looking for her, and it was later revealed that her father had been killed by Daz almost ten years earlier, shot during a live training exercise.

She would be roughly the right age to be Dawn’s friend, and her situation would be desperate enough for her to turn to drugs to survive.

One viewer posted a theory on Facebook and claimed: “Anyone else believe that Beth, who recently passed away, may have been the Beth who abducted Amelia? Just noticing that her apartment seemed to be close to Jade’s…”

Someone else chimed in immediately: “Oh, I see where you might have a point. well recalled.”

As another supporter wrote: “Might be accurate. This happened a few years ago.”

Another viewer wondered on Twitter while watching Emmerdale: “What if Dawn’s friend Beth was the same Beth that kidnapped Amelia a few years ago?”

In terms of her clothing choices and hairstyle, viewers might also have noticed that Beth and Dawn resembled one other somewhat.

From June to August 2018, Annabelle Kaye portrayed the role.

Since leaving her village, Annabelle has also taken on a number of other soap opera roles, including Imogen in Hollyoaks and Kelly Rivers in the BBC drama Doctors.

She has additionally appeared in Ladhood and Casualty.

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