Emmerdale fans warn newcomer Suzy set to be killed off already

Fans of Emmerdale have expressed concern that Moira Barton would kill newcomer Suzy Merton after learning that she gave her daughter Holly medication that caused her to overdose.

Following Monday’s episode of Emmerdale, viewers were on the edge of their seats as Moira Barton, who is plagued by the premature death of her daughter Holly Barton, threatened to kill Suzy Merton, who claimed that she gave Holly the pills that caused her to overdose in 2016.

Suzy Merton, a newcomer who recently quit using cocaine herself in the ITV soap opera, revealed a terrifying connection to Holly, the wedding photographer she had hired.

When Moira attends a presentation by Take A Vow and the HOP on Monday, July 11, she is startled to see a picture of her late daughter emerge on the screen, still wearing the dress she was wearing the day she passed away.

Later in the episode, Suzy, who is presenting the presentation, admitted to her partner Vanessa that she had given Holly money for drugs that night without realizing that Holly was a heroin addict in recovery; Holly overdosed and died a few hours later.

Holly was doing me a favor that night, she said, and if I had known she was an addict I wouldn’t have.

“How did I know she was going to a gang to get heroin? I gave her a bundle of cash and asked her to pick up some coke.”

On Twitter, viewers hurried to express their shock, writing: “Moria will murder Suzy when she finds out @emmerdale @11syoung.”

“All I ask is one b**** slap lol pls #emmerdale – y’all better not disappoint,” tweeted @sofaneilas.

“Moira’s gift from Glasgow is getting closer for suzy #emmerdale,” tweeted @homebrew19721.

Keep quiet Vanessa, you’ll break Moira’s heart #emmerdale, said @GrocottJanice.

As @kezzab333 tweeted, “Vanessa needs to tell suzie to do one #Emmerdale,” other fans urged her not to keep Suzy’s secret.

Vanessa, if you keep it a secret, you are a mug, said @ericson63. Give us our vanity back, @emmerdale.

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