Emmerdale fans up in arms over ‘ruined’ character’s sudden transformation

The hard man attitude displayed by Will Taylor in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale split viewers, who charged the writers with “ruining” the character.

Will (Dean Andrews), who is typically a gentle guy, turned tough during a dispute between Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and his recently discovered sibling Caleb (Dominic Brunt). Will has been protecting Kyle’s mother Amy while attempting to keep Cain from seeing his murderous son Kyle (Huey Quinn) (Chelsea Halfpenny).

Lest Emmerdale audiences overlook Will’s past as a mobster and heroin dealer. Will, who finally served time in prison for his actions, was a part of the gang led by dead bent policeman Det Insp Mark Malone.

Will becomes less likeable with each episode, according to Michelle Jones.

In her words: “Will is acting like a huge man, which is making me crazy. Lad, calm down.”

Will approaches Cain Dingle and suddenly thinks he’s Billy Big Bs, Beccy said.

Georgina remarked: “What issue is Will in Emmerdale having? He used to be a good person, but now he’s got a grudge.”

Teri stated “Now, Will is so unlikeable. Please bring the one Kim and I shipped back.”

Despite this, some viewers commended Will for defending Amy and Kyle.

Said Sarah: “I believe Will is right. Caleb also rubs my private parts with his scuffed-up shoes.”

Paul stated: “Caleb is genuinely irritating. He has hardly been in the community for five minutes when he begins to meddle in everyone’s affairs. Congratulations to Will for resisting the “Chuckle Brothers.””

Maru Trojan said: “Well done, Will. Usually, I support Cain, but right now, he’s acting like a bully.”

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