Emmerdale fans ‘uncomfortable’ as they notice ‘wardrobe issue’ as UK hit by heatwave

Fans of Emmerdale were left perplexed by the most recent visit to the village.

ITV viewers tuned in to learn the most recent developments in the Dales as temperatures in Britain rose above 40 degrees for the first time in history.

Fans observed that Leyla Cavangh was wearing a coat despite it being summer as David Metcalfe captured her preparing a line of cocaine.

When they noticed the wardrobe gaffe, viewers at home jumped to their keyboards.

Leyla, you do need help—you’re wearing a coat in a heat wave of 40 degrees!” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another person said: “I’ve been catching up on Emmerdale, and it’s really uncomfortable.

They’re wearing coats and jumpers while I’m roasting inside. They must know the season it will be shown in when they film, or else they wouldn’t be able to dress appropriately.

A third person posted: “I know Emmerdale is a soap and is filmed 4/6 weeks ahead, but it’s meant to mimic real life in July.

In spite of the fact that no two summers are ever the same in terms of the weather, you can be sure that July is not coat weather. Each actor is donning a jacket, and one is donning a puffer.

While a fourth person commented on social media that it would be hilarious to see everyone walking around in sweaty T-shirts in October.

Since the village learned last week about Leyla’s friend Suzy’s drug addiction and connection to Holly Barton’s overdose, the net has been tightening around Leyla.

Leyla was anxious about her argument with David on Tuesday’s (July 19) episode because she wanted to pay for Jacob’s tuition so he could concentrate on his studies.

Leyla was under pressure at Take a Vow because she messed up Kim Tate’s wedding preparations, especially after Vanessa accidentally implicated her by implying that Kim and Rhona’s mood boards might have been mixed up.

After Kim rushed out, Leyla yelled at the “total cow” for firing her as she aggressively withdrew a packet of cocaine and poured it out on the table.

The wedding planner was slicing up the coke with her credit card when David walked into the store. Leyla initially held Kim responsible for forcing the medications on her.

Leyla put the burden of the previous year, including the loss of Leanna, Liam’s anguish, Meena’s reign of terror, and her own shooting, on her drug use.

David was about to inform Liam when she raced after him to stop him, but what will he decide to do?

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