Emmerdale fans twig Naomi’s exit as Charles begs her to come clean about Nicola’s attack

After telling Charles Anderson she was responsible for the attack on Nicola King, Naomi Walters received calls from Emmerdale viewers urging her to leave the community.

Viewers were treated to the most recent episode of the ongoing search to uncover the masked attackers who attacked her last month during Friday’s trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

The blonde belle was shocked to learn that the raven-haired beauty had been released from jail when they ran into each other on the street.

Jimmy yelled at her as she walked away, despite her attempts to explain that Nicola had received the wrong end of the stick. Jimmy was determined to see the girl put in jail.

Naomi finally gives in and tells the vicar what happened as everyone is pleading with the student to disclose what actually occurred that evening.

When the incident occurred, she said, she was in route to a party, but she was too terrified to intervene at the moment.

“I went for a drink with my flatmate Saskia, it was kind of a party, you know,” Naomi admitted.

“It was this girl’s 18th, Saskia’s pal, everyone was just up for having a good time.

Then, since these boys were buying us drinks, we probably consumed more alcohol than was prudent.

“And before I realized what was happening, it had already started as we were leaving for the next pub.

“I froze. Even though it wasn’t me, I walked up to her afterwards and apologized; at that point, she must have noticed my sneakers.

I wanted to assist her, but I backed away out of fear.

As Charles and Ethan pleaded with her to reveal who was responsible for the attack, viewers are now encouraging the celebrity to leave the village because doing so puts her in danger of being attacked herself.

One person wrote: “If Naomi reveals names, maybe they’ll arrange a hit on her. Yay! #Emmerdale.”

Another concurred: “You can now leave Naomi because no one will be after you this time to stay. You don’t have a job, and when others find out about this—which they will—no one will want you to stay, not even Nate. #Emmerdale.”

A third person added: “Please inform Charles about Naomi. This will cause her to lose her cool, throw a fuss, and leave #emmerdale.”

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