Emmerdale fans treated to first look at Aaron Dingle’s return in new clip on set

Danny Miller, who just revealed he will be returning to the ITV serial later this year, has offered soap fans a sneak peek of his first trip to the Dales.

In order to participate in the tumultuous 50th anniversary celebrations of Emmerdale, the 31-year-old actor will reprise his role as Aaron Dingle.

Bosses have promised that the October storm will be the largest stunt ever performed on a soap opera. The milestone celebrations will also include a massive storm and the shocking reappearance of three beloved characters.

Due to the comebacks of Aaron Dingle, Diane Sugden, and Tracy Metcalfe, there may now be two storms developing on the Dales.

The good news was announced on Instagram by actor Danny, who also posted a humorous video of himself back on the Emmerdale set.

The father of one shared a video of himself at the Woolpack bar, drinking a bottle of beer, and said, “Good to be back!

After competing in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in November of 2021, Danny left Emmerdale. His departure from the ITV serial was broadcast in December. Wales’s castle

Danny excitedly informed his fans of his return by writing: “Guess who’s back.. return AGAIN! I’ve returned to commemorate @emmerdale’s 50th anniversary, so let the drama begin! ”

Regarding the thrilling anniversary episodes, producer Kate Brooks predicted that “a big storm will tear through the community and leave a trail of ruin in its wake. Some of the most beloved locals we have will be at danger. Nothing in the village will ever be the same again.

“There are also some extremely well-known figures coming back to the Dales. Even though their reappearances will only be fleeting, Diane, Aaron, and Tracy will all be central figures in some extremely significant storylines that will have a profound effect on their lives.”

The ITV soap’s executive producer, Jane Hudson, has guaranteed that the 50th birthday gale won’t be like the numerous catastrophes that have occurred over the years, such as the storm that killed Tricia Dingle in 2003.

She uttered: “You can actually see what’s occurring because it’s daylight. There are major injuries and it affects the entire town, so I predict it will feel very different.”

Additionally, Jane stated that she would not rule out a homicide around the month of October’s anniversary: “A murder is always a possibility. Since this is Emmerdale, a murderer is almost always waiting around the next bend.”

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