Emmerdale fans to notice huge change to show’s format

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale will notice a significant format change for a special episode next month.

The long-running ITV show’s producers are breaking a fifty-year tradition by filming special scenes during a lock-in at the Woolpack.

The first-ever all-male episode of Emmerdale will air on March 10. Men conversing to each other is the only thing Marlon Dingle will focus on before locking the pub’s doors.

It follows Marlon’s shocking realization that his friend Paddy was attempting suicide.

After returning Paddy safely home and seeing that his mental health is still precarious, Marlon wants to do everything he can to support his friend.

According to Marlon actor Mark Charnock, despite Paddy being at home and secure in the center of the hamlet, Marlon is having trouble connecting with him and is concerned Paddy won’t ever have the guts to open up and chat.

“It doesn’t take long for Marlon to act on their information and organize this lock-in once Chas and Jimmy unintentionally offer him this idea. Just hoping it would be beneficial.

Producer of Emmerdale Laura Shaw stated: “We decided to have some of the men in our village come together for a very special episode which purely focuses on them and sees them talking about whatever they are feeling or thinking. We were inspired by listening to real stories from the charity Andy’s Man Club.

“We will be very grateful if seeing some of our favorite characters open up to one another inspires them to reach out and start conversing.”

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