Emmerdale fans stunned by Leo’s appearance as he ‘returns’ to soap

Leo Goskirk “returned” to the soap opera in last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Monday, April 10, 2023) and made an appearance.

When Gus showed up, Leo had to leave the Woolpack where he had been celebrating Rhona’s birthday during her birthday supper.

After not seeing Leo on TV for some time, Emmerdale viewers are now in a state of shock.

Emmerdale: Leo ‘returned’ to the soap

Rhona had a family dinner last night in the Woolpack to honor the occasion and celebrate her birthday.

Leo spent some time away from the camera before joining Rhona, Mary, Faye, Marlon, and April at the table and starting his favorite game of Uno.

Prior to the arrival of Rhona’s ex-husband Gus and his wife Lucy, everyone was taking in the joyous occasion.

Using this as an excuse to get the kids out of the way from the chaos, April was instructed to take Leo around the back to play a practice round of the card game.

Gus then began probing Rhona about if she had second thoughts about letting them use her frozen embryos. Rhona was under Mary’s protection, and she pleaded with him to quit spoiling her birthday and leave her alone. Gus expressed regret for making a scene.

Emmerdale fans were stunned by Leo’s appearance

Leo has been absent from the television for a while, but yesterday night, he returned to honor his mother’s birthday.

Leo’s appearance has now astounded Emmerdale viewers, who note how much he has changed since they last saw him.

Leo has really grown, I had to take a second look for a bit, remarked one Emmerdale fan who was astonished by the actor’s looks.

I’m sure Leo was in a pushchair the last time I saw him, wrote another Emmerdale reader who shared the same surprise.

Amazing! A third Emmerdale fan concurred with the others and tweeted: “Wow! Leo has grown up so much.

“Oh my God, tiny Leo has shot up!” one more person yelled.

Emmerdale: How old is Leo Goskirk?

When fans last saw Leo Goskirk, he has matured significantly, leaving many watchers in awe of his transformation.

Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle welcomed a son, Leo, in May 2011. He is currently 11 years old, thus this means!

Harvey Rogerson portrays the role of Leo on stage. Harvey, who was born in February 2011 and is a year older than Leo, is twelve.

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