Emmerdale fans spot subtle blunder after Amelia’s horror accident with Thomas

Following a mistake, Emmerdale viewers have detected something peculiar about infant Thomas.

Amelia fainted while watching over Thomas in the episode.

His worried family quickly hurried him to the hospital, where he underwent a preventative CT scan after being placed on the floor until he recovered.

However, some viewers detected a notable distinction between the young actors who play baby Thomas.

In a tweet, a reader who saw the comparison of the babies’ side-by-side photos wrote: “Wow, the baby changed so quickly. The first is larger than the second.”

Fans expressed their worries about the violent drop that knocked Amelia out on Twitter.

One wrote: “Aw, Amelia! She dropped the infant in such a way that I’m surprised no one complained about the scene. appeared a bit too stern.”

A another supporter reassured viewers: “Note that when Amelia passed away, Daisy Arwen Campbell was carrying a toy. In the production of Emmerdale, no infants were hurt.”

Amelia tried to put the blame elsewhere at the hospital since she didn’t want anyone to find out about her weight loss secret.

The young person has been struggling with low self-esteem, and as a result, she has turned to risky alternative methods of coping.

Recently, she purchased “syrup” online that purported to aid in weight loss but had detrimental negative effects for Amelia.

The syrup’s effects set in while she was at her babysitting job, causing her to pass out holding the infant.

Amelia’s secret soon came to light at the hospital, and the 15-year-old was greeted by a furious family.

However, once she confessed her secret, worried doctors called her in for tests.

Amelia was upset and assured the medical staff that she had “stopped taking the syrup” and would “be OK.” However, as the physicians exchanged worried looks, Amelia realized that there was more at risk.

They eventually informed Amelia that they had “detected something” in her pee after asking her father to come into the room.

They broke the news to an obviously upset Amelia, at which time the camera focused on her face and the sounds of the hospital were boosted just before the credits rolled.

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