Emmerdale fans spot massive problem with Kyle’s murder evidence

Eagle-eyed Fans of Emmerdale have discovered a serious issue in Kyle Winchester’s murder testimony.

The audience is aware that Al Chapman was shot by Kyle after he broke up his altercation with Cain’s father.

Despite the fact that Kyle accidentally shot Al after falling backwards, Cain chose to accept responsibility.

He now faces a life sentence in prison after confessing to the crime.

Kyle, though, has struggled to deal with his guilt.

In an effort to free his father from prison, he has also made numerous attempts to confess to his crime.

He finally succeeded in getting the police to pay attention last night thanks to Caleb, his recently discovered uncle.

Kyle was under duress after Caleb made himself known to him.

Emmerdale fans spot huge problem

But when he unintentionally offered Kyle the notion to support his version of events, his strategy backfired.

Caleb informed Kyle, “They have no proof; it’s just your word, so it won’t actually help.

“What we need is a strategy — a really clever method to resolve the issue so that your dad is released from custody and there is no reprisal against you.

“I have no idea yet. But until I do, I need you to continue following your mother’s and Moira’s instructions. You only have to be patient, good lad.

Unfortunately, Kyle barely listened to the first few sentences before realizing he had concealed the bloody jumper.

He should have thrown it away, but Cain had warned him against doing so.

Kyle eventually found it and rode his bike to the police station to make his second confession.

Now that Kyle has evidence, the police appear to be taking him seriously, but viewers have noticed a severe issue.

Why was the evidence not moved?

The following statement was made by a supporter: “Amy, Moira, Mac, and Matty literally all knew the truth about Al’s death, yet not one of them bothered to properly dispose of the sole true incriminating evidence? Seriously, that jumper of his? Kyle is just a youngster; he wouldn’t have thought to burn it, and Cain obviously didn’t have the time.

Another exclaimed, “Oh my goodness no Kyle… Why did he still have the jumper and how did he get blood on it? They must have removed that by now, right? It’s not as if you’d keep it!

Another questioned why no one had considered moving the Kyle evidence. I mean, the village’s worst-kept secret was known by enough people.

So Cain, Moira, and Amy, three criminal geniuses, didn’t consider destroying Kyle’s clothing after he saw off Al? asked a second person.

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