Emmerdale fans spot issue with Aaron Dingle storyline as Danny Miller returns to ITV soap

As Danny Miller took over the part, Emmerdale viewers noticed a problem with Aaron Dingle’s comeback plot.

After his half-sister Liv was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Ben Tucker, Aaron left the community the previous year. After the birth of his son Albert and before entering the I’m A Celebrity castle, Danny left the show.

Aaron has been on quite an adventure since he left the soap opera, but he is finally returned to make amends with his sibling. However, things quickly became challenging when Aaron became involved in a battle with the wicked Terry, leading to his imprisonment by Harriet.

Thrilled fans expressed their opinions about Danny’s return to the soap opera on Twitter.

Am I the only one that yelled so loudly when they saw Aaron? I’m so glad he’s back, even if it’s just for a few episodes. @DannyBMiller, wish you were coming back full time.

“THE KING IS BACK @DannyBMiller #Emmerdale,” the second person wrote.

A fourth added, “Aaron’s home and quickly gets sucked into a punch up! And with that, Aaron Dingle is back in the room… well at Mill Cottage his house and the drama begins again!” Emmerdale is in “protective big brother mode.”

Some viewers did find a problem with the plot, however, questioning why Harriet needed to ask Aaron if he was acting in self-defense after he saw Terry hitting his half-sister.

A comment read: “Typical copper arresting the guy for beating up a burglar who harmed your family #Emmerdale. Aaron is innocent he was only protecting for his sister Terry deserved to be beaten up shame on you Harriet the town witch.”

Another added: “Despite Terry breaking into the house and attacking Liv, do you believe Aaron should not be arrested? Was Aaron defending?”

Danny previously acknowledged to The Mirror that he found returning to the serial opera “nerve-wracking.”

It was anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking, he admitted to The Mirror. It goes without saying that I married my wonderful wife Steph because she always makes me feel calm. I told her I was feeling quite anxious the day before I returned to Emmerdale because we always let each other know how we’re feeling.

“I considered spending the previous night in a motel, but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. She wouldn’t have been there, and I would have been a frightened wreck. My brain hasn’t actually been used in that way for a whole year since I just took a year off.

Danny outlined how Aaron’s dramatic return plot was the ideal catalyst for him returning to the serial opera.

“It definitely takes place at the incorrect moment. When he enters, he observes a stranger in his home who could be anyone. However, given the anxiety-filled situation, Aaron responds as usual by hitting. When Harriet enters at that precise moment, she is forced to arrest the man “He revealed.

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